Benet Hill Community


Community Discernment of Ministries

by Sister Deb Kuhl, OSB
From Spring Review 2018


“Monastic work is an extension of worship, sharing through a variety of ministries in the mission of the church and loving service to the world.” (Of All Good Gifts) 


During our recent community meeting, we, the Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery, took a long, loving look at many of our current ministries. A ministry is our work, our service, how we live out our vision for our lives as monastic women. This service includes our spirituality programs, Sister Thrift & Boutique, Sunday Eucharist, Trafficking Education, Retreats and our new program: Global Online Benedictine Spiritual Direction Program evolved out of the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program (BSFP). 


“We share equally in the service of the one God.” (RB Ch 2)

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In addition, there are many internal ministries that express our vision: car maintenance, Benet Gift Shop, retreats, care of our forest, cleaning and washing dishes, outreach to children through our stuffed animal room, etc, ….all of which contribute to the care of community members and service to you and our world.


As a continuation of this process we will be evaluating some of our ministries as to their viability and practicality as we look at staffing, space and cost to us as a community. Please pray with us as we discern how to move into the future with the guidance of the Spirit and a desire to serve you and our world to the best of our ability. 


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VISION STATEMENT:  We, the Benedictine Sisters of Colorado Springs, Colorado, are impelled by the Word of God to listen and respond to the issues of our times.  Reverencing all creation, we will be radical signs of God’s love and compassion and use our resources in service with all God’s people especially the poor and oppressed.


Lectio“Lectio Divina, along with the Hours and Eucharist, gives Benedictine life a contemplative orientation.  The Benedictine sister, in the spirit of Mary, ponders the Word of God and shares her insights with others.”Call to Life

“Every Friday morning each living group at the monastery gathers together to share Lectio in preparation for Sunday Eucharist.  I am personally enriched by this way of praying the scriptures and it is wonderful to prayerfully share the Gospel with my sisters in this way.” – Jan Ginzkey, OSB




“We hold the sacred story of each sister and help
each one transition into the heart of Christ.”
– Mary Colleen Schwarz, OSB


Issues of Day Mary John

This sharing nourishes communal growth and enlivens community members in their service to God’s people.” – Call to LifeHospitality-Katherine


Mary John_ClareBenedict expects his followers to treat all Hospitalitytemporal goods with reverence and to receive everything with gratitude.” – Call to Life


“We provide the sacred place for hospitality.”Community Mission Statement


“All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ who said: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matt. 25:35 Holy Rule 53:1


Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2007 – St. Benedict’s Cemetery – Benet Hill Monastery


“This attitude of grateful reverence allows the sisters to live in joyful simplicity and frees the monastery to act justly, to share generously with those in need and to care for all creation.” – Call to Life










Monastic work is an extension of worship, sharing through a variety of ministries in the mission of the church and loving service to the world.” – Call to Life

The Rule of Benedict

St. Benedict taught his disciples to be of one mind and heart, inviting them to embrace the mystery of community.  The call to community permeates his Rule, culminating in his chapter on the good zeal of monastics.  There Benedict exhorts community members to be the first to show respect to the other (RB 72:4).  He asks them to support each other with the greatest patience  (RB72:5).  He boldly instructs them to compete earnestly in obedience to one another (RB (72:6).  In that same chapter he asks community members to give each other the pure love of sisters and brothers (72:8) and to do the same for their abbot or prioress, offering unfeigned and humble love (RB. 72:10).  For Benedict, inclusive love is essential if a community is to be knit together in peace. – WISDOM FROM THE TRADITION

Directional Statements 2011-2017

In the spring of 2011, in preparation for our community’s discernment of future leadership, we engaged in the process of creating directional statements for the next six years.  The directional statements give the community, the Prioress and her Council direction for the continued implementation of our Vision and Mission.Define, develop and actualize sustainability with emphasis on monastic spirituality, membership, ministry, education, balance, housing, outreach, healthy relationships, finances and ecological consciousness.Cultivate, deepen, integrate and participate in radical hospitality with each other and guests with emphasis on global outreachIdentify, explore, expand and develop viable and complementary forms of membership.