Volunteer Highlight: Kevin Silva ~ Connecting With Others

From Summer Review 2018

Kevin Silva has been volunteering as a handyman and maintenance assistant since May 2017, when he retired after 16 years with Lockheed Martin following 20 years in the US Air Force. He is married to Shari (Middlemist) Silva, a 1978 alumna of Benet Hill Academy and manager at Sisters’ Thrift &Boutique. They have two daughters, Andrea (33) who lives in Denver with her husband John and two sons, and Brooke (31) who lives in Nashville TN. 

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Kevin gained his skills through a strong mechanical aptitude growing up and an interest in tearing things apart- toasters, lawn mowers, and pretty much anything his parents weren’t watching closely. He benefited from hands-on education in high school back when they still offered vocational education, taking wood shop and auto mechanics, then continued studying mechanical and electrical engineering at the US Air Force Academy. Most importantly, he never stopped maintaining his own cars and doing as much home maintenance and remodeling as time and his tool budget would allow. This has earned him decades of knowledge of what can be safely done, how to do it correctly, and when to call a licensed professional. He enjoys applying that knowledge to help maintain the Benet Hill Monastery facilities and properties. 


In addition to working at the monastery, Kevin also volunteers two days a week at the Springs Rescue Mission homeless shelter, where he helps a desperate and troubled population enjoy basic dignity and comfort. In his spare time, he’s an avid mountain biker and craft cocktail connoisseur. Benet Hill Monastery is very fortunate to have Kevin as a volunteer and appreciates his expertise and dedication.

Thanks, Kevin. 

Day Volunteers


The day volunteer may participate in the prayer with the community as well as meals.  If you are interested in volunteering during the day please look over our Volunteer Form and return to Kevin McTernan, Director of Mission Advancement, either electronically or by mailing to Benet Hill Monastery, 3190 Benet Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80921.

Maria Gropp sorts clothes at Sisters’ Thrift & Boutique

We are so grateful for all the volunteers who have given their time to advance the mission of the Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery over the past two past years.

We are in the process of confirming everyone’s interest in serving as volunteers in the 2018-2019 year, and will be in touch in coming weeks. Thank you again for your gifts of time and talents!