The Review of Benet Hill Monastery


Benet Hill Monastery publishes a newsletter to keep our community, parishioners, business contacts, family, friends and anyone seeking information on our monastery current on the events and day-to-day life of our sisters. 


Beginning in January 2019, we will be sending The Review three times per year instead of quarterly. This means you will receive it in your mail boxes or the email version mid-April 2019, mid-August 2019 and mid-December 2019. This allows us to post more current events and liturgical information as they happen on our website and Facebook pages. 


Special Edition of the Review

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Winter 2018

Spring 2018


Summer 2018


Fall 2018

Winter 2017


Spring 2017


Summer 2017


Fall 2017

Winter 2016

2016 Winter Review Cover

Spring 2016

2016 Review Spring-Cover Only


Summer 2016

2016 Summer Review-cover only


Fall 2016



Winter 2015

2015 Winter Review-1-Cover

Spring 2015

2015 Springr Review-2 Cover Only

Summer 2015

2015 Summer Review-3 Cover

Fall 2015

2015 Review Fall-4 Final Cover only-web

Winter 2014

Cover Review Winter 2014

Spring 2014

2014 Spring Review-2Cover

Summer 2014

2014 Summer Review-3-Cover

Fall 2014

2014 Fall Review-4-Final Cover

Winter 2013

2013 Winter Review-1 Final Cover only

Spring 2013

2013 Spring Review-2-Cover

Summer 2013

2013 Summer Review-3 Cover Only

Fall 2013

2013 Fall Review-4Cover-1