Mission Statement: We are a contemporary monastic presence. we provide the sacred space for hospitality and the use of our human and material resources in education, spirituality and other viable ministries. We do this with all God’s people and with a special emphasis for women.


Programs Offered


Global Online Spiritual Direction Program 


Contemplative Vision 



We advance our mission of providing spiritual, educational and holistic opportunities for individuals and groups of all cultures and faith traditions. 


And seek to enhance the spiritual growth and transformation of individuals and of the community, and support the financial sustainability of the Monastery by serving spiritual seekers of many backgrounds & traditions in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado Springs and virtually via our on-line environment throughout the world through but not limited to: Spiritual direction, counseling, retreats, Scripture classes, the Benedictine Spirituality Formation Program, Contemplative Vision and Specialized library services and emphasizing our competitive advantages of our Benedictine Identity and campus environment, our library, highly trained staff, extensive alumni base and individual attention.  We are sustainable by program fees as our principal source of funding, supplemented by grants, donations, in-kind support, fundraising and (in the future) creating an endowment and planned giving program.