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The Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery are most grateful to all  who participated in Colorado Gives Day®.  Thank you for your generous gift!

Experience Joy in Giving

By Kevin McTernan, Director of Mission Advancement & Carin Willis, Mission Advancement Coordinator

From Fall Review 2018

A well respected leader in the nonprofit fundraising world once wrote “Ours really is a profession of joy-mongers.”. That’s a startling term – a monger, after all, is usually used negatively (warmonger, rumormonger) or to refer to the entertaining people throwing fish at the Seattle Fish Market. However, it once was an esteemed description of broker-traders, and is now a term we can embrace.



Joy-mongering is trading in hope – our belief and hope that you can experience joy in giving to help the sisters fulfill the monastery’s mission and vision, and feeling connected with these holy women in prayer and ministry.


November and December are important months for your expressions of generous support – 1/3 of all the gifts we receive in a year are given in these two months! The Fall Appeal arrived in your mail boxes recently, and the popular Colorado Gives Day®, a 24-hour social media focus on charitable gifts, is approaching on Tuesday, December 4th. We are brimming with hope and anticipation that you will be as generous as your circumstances allow in responding to one appeal or the other. Please give to support the ministries and programs of our sisters, ranging from the Global Online Benedictine Spiritual Direction Program to the Seek and Speak series, and to support the retired sisters and their care.


Two items to consider in giving to Benet Hill:


1. Especially now, donating appreciated stock makes sense, allowing you to donate without affecting your cash flow, to avoid paying capital gains taxes, and perhaps to give more than you might otherwise.


2. We also encourage monthly giving as a way to budget your support for the year, get it set up once, and then be assured that your donations will help us manage our budgets and cash flow.


Please consider joining the St. Scholastica Giving Circle as a monthly donor. Information on both these options and others are available at www.benethillmonastery.org/donate or by calling one of us at 719.355.1636 or 1633.


From us “joy-mongers” to you, our joyful donors, we send our thanks and hopes for more joy to be spread this holy season.

This year our Donor Appreciation Day was separate from our Volunteer Appreciation Day because of the generosity of our donors and volunteers. It is apparent that in the future we will need to do more than one appreciation event. Thank you for your love of the sisters! We look forward to hosting and thanking you again. 

Sisters excited to see name tags of donors who will be arriving

Susan Grace (R) shares a moment with Sister Kathleen Cogan, OSB.

L to R: Fr. Bob Lampert and Harry Grace enjoy fellowship together.

Captivating conversation kept donors and sisters talking for hours.


Monthly Giving Program (click on the image to view the document)

Case Statement (5.27 MB)  (click on the image to view the document)

Case for support- Cover Only

Annual Report 2017 (click on the image to view the document)

Major Gift Opportunities (click on the image to view the document)

Learn more about our Pathways to Peace Program –     Click Here

tributes and Memorials

A gift in honor or in memory of a family member or friend is a special way to show your support for the mission and values of Benet Hill Monastery.

A tribute gift honors a special time in someone’s life – a birthday, anniversary, an honor or other memorable event.

A memorial gift, given in honor of a deceased loved one or friend, remembers the deceased person.


A letter acknowledging the tribute or the memorial gift will be sent to the person or family being honored or remembered when you designate the person you wish to honor at the time of your gift. The amount of your gift will not be disclosed.

Eucharistic Chapel -Kusman

Did You Know?

Door Cross- Jubilee

Since 1965, the Mission Advancement office (formerly called the Development Office) has invited others to share in the mission of Benet Hill Monastery. Through the sharing of time, talent, and treasure, donors partner with the sisters to “show in deeds rather than words all that is good and holy”– St. Benedict. It is through this partnership that the Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery can continue to offer life-giving service for the world of the 21st century.

BHM Photos by Fr. Hanh D. Pham, SJ (4)The Benet Hill community does not receive financial support from the Catholic Church for the care of the retired sisters, their ministries, or their ongoing operating expenses. And although the sisters do receive social security, the benefit amount is one-third of what the average American receives.


Financial resources supplement the revenue from social security and earnings of active sisters to help provide for present and future retired sisters as well as enable the community to continue helping others through ministries of spiritual formation and service.

Philanthropic Giving

Philanthropic giving specifically supports the Continuing Care Fund, Mission Outreach Fund, Capital Fund, and operating expenses. The sisters work includes ministries based in Colorado Springs as well as Denver and Whitewater, Colorado.

Join the New St. Scholastica Giving Circle

Scolastica with dove

The giving circle is a special group of donors who support the sisters by committing to a monthly gift of a specific amount. This regular, ongoing support allows us to plan ahead for our ministries, as well as to continue the care of our aging sisters. To view the brochure and sign-up form, click here.


Call Carin Willis, Interim Director and Mission Advancement Coordinator at 719-355-1636 or email: missionadv@benethillmonastery.org to set up the payment schedule.

Questions? Feedback? Comments?

The Mission Advancement staff is here to help! Please contact Kevin McTernan, Director of Mission Advancement at 719-355-1633 or Carin Willis, Mission Advancement Coordinator at 719-355-1636, missionadv@benethillmonastery.org if we can help you in any way.