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The Global Online Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program allows people from around the world to connect with others seeking spiritual awakening or spiritual enrichment. It is open to all faith traditions. This two year program is designed to meet the needs of individuals in today’s world needing flexibility and the ability to be creative in managing the study aspect of the program. The core path of this program is encouraging each person to new life and a changed vision in living their spiritual life personally and with others.



This spiritual formation program without walls includes those who may have a disability or physical limitations which has left them homebound or unable to attend classes at our other sites.

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Please Note: All Tuition Amounts are updated for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. 
Global Online Year 1: Tuition $2,300 (Plus Books)

Program Details


  • Broadens awareness of other faith traditions.
  • Cultivates the desire for contemplative living and prayer.
  • Provides a safe, confidential and sacred space to unravel the mystery of your spiritual life story.
  • Intentional movement toward a compassionate pattern of living rather than a competitive driven attitude of life.
  • Educates participants to be spiritual directors and or use this information in their present ministry of life work.
  • Sharing the wisdom of the Benedictine tradition/values and life application now in the 21st century contemporary world.
  • Enriches the lives of all participants.

Class Requirements:

  • Participate in monthly group process
  • Meeting bi-weekly with assigned facilitator
  • Completes Monthly Learning Module
  • Meets with Spiritual Director monthly
  • Application of learning integrated into action in your community

Year One (September to May)

The first year curriculum invites the student to examine the experience of their lives through a variety of methods; study of prayer in its various forms, adapting a contemplative life style, spiritual disciplines that nourish your spiritual journey, creating a rule of life, and holistic spirituality, forgiveness, suffering and healing and cultivating a heart of compassion. Each of these methods leads toward a fuller understanding and transformation of self.

Year Two (September to May)

The second year provides further education and practicum skills for spiritual direction and related ministries and or life work. Supervision and mutual discernment are integral parts of year two.


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Mary Colleen Schwarz; OSB, Global Online Coordinator

Mary Colleen Schwarz, OSB was a clinical instructor of nursing for the University of Iowa College of Nursing for eleven years, and has a total of thirty years cardiovascular nursing experience with a focus on critical care.  Sister is a certified Spiritual Director, a centering prayer group facilitator, and is Director of the Global Online Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program. She is also currently the Vocation Director at Benet Hill Monastery.




Mary Ann Spiker; Global Online Facilitator

Mary Ann SpikerMary Ann Spiker graduated from the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program in Colorado Springs and is a Certified Spiritual Director.  She is an elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and has served on a number of leadership committees and teams as mentor, teacher, retreat presenter, and facilitator in a variety of programs including Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), Singles Ministry, and Marriage Ministry.