Program Introduction for Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program



The Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program has been a vital ministry of Benet Hill Monastery since 1983. Initially located in Colorado Springs as a one year program, BSFP has now evolved into a two year program with possible extended supervision.  Sites now include Colorado Springs, Denver, Grand Junction and a new Global Online program.  Classes meet weekly for three hours September through May.

The Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program is open to persons of all faith traditions, is rooted in Benedictine values and tradition, and focuses on personal transformation and spiritual growth.  BSFP was created to deepen each participant’s inner journey and to open new pathways of spiritual service including the ministry of Spiritual Direction.

Program Details:

  • Deepens understanding of Christian foundations and beliefs
  • Broadens awareness and understanding of other faith traditions
  • Provides a means for deepening one’s prayer life
  • Enables participants to share their spiritual journey with others in community
  • Enriches the lives of all participants
  • Educates participants to be spiritual directors and/or use this information in their present ministry


Calendar_IconPrograms List:


Exploring My Spirituality

Begin your journey to understanding and integrating the spiritual dimensions of your life. This course is aimed at those who are looking for new meaning, who feel adrift and who are out of touch with their inner self.

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Classical Concert

Concerts featuring music created by exceptional women composers that educate, inspire and challenge.

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