Alumnae News

By Carolyn Treacy Nummela, Class of ’67


From Winter Review 2018

It was nice seeing my fellow classmates at the last reunion and I plan on being at future reunions. Thomas Wolf was wrong, I believe, “You can go home again.”

I had an awesome education and was taught by some amazing women. We were all very lucky to be shown how to spread our wings and fly! We flew! I am grateful for this and our environment of peace and love.

After leaving Benet Hill Academy, I attended Seattle University, then CSU Extension and on to CU in Boulder. Then came the Viet Nam War and Kent State. I decided to join VISTA and was sent to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, right on Lake Superior.

My last 50 years have been good. I have been married 44 years- seems like a life time. I have two fine children and three grandchildren. I have met and lost a lot of fine people in my life. I have had bumps on the road and easy paths. All in all it has been fun.

Thank you so much to the fabulous sisters that showed me the way. You were definitely an inspiration to me and my fellow classmates.

♥ In deepest sympathy we remember our alumnae sisters and their families who have lost loved ones. 

Jama ‘77, Jeana ‘80-82, and Maralee ‘81 for the loss of their mother, Carmela McDowell. 

Margaret Dinmore ‘66 and Kathy Dinmore ‘78 for the loss of their father, Richard Dinmore. 

Lisa Riutzel Sauter ‘79 for the loss of her mother, Rosemary Riutzel. 

Priscilla Aires Przybylawski ‘75  for the loss of her father, Francis Aires. 

Nancy Hedemark Nay ‘71 for the loss of her father, Truman Hedemark. 



Alumni Song


The community of Benet Hill Monastery cherishes its community songs!

Through word and music, composed by Sisters Mary Alice Guilfoil and Mary Susan Kros, the spirit of the community is captured.  One song particularly reminds us of the thousands of Alumni, men and women whose lives were lovingly molded, minds creatively challenged and spirits lifted to an awareness of a loving Creator!  When we sing the words:  “From the far San Luis Valley, to the city one mile high, all through Colorado, we’ll live and love and die!”  We are reminded of our students in Walsenburg, the San Luis Valley, Pueblo , Colorado Springs, Denver and throughout other counties in Colorado whose lives enriched our lives!


We continue to try to capture some of these experiences, particularly connecting with Benet Hill Academy, the students and events that will never be forgotten; our Spirituality Center where students forged a new path of faith formation that continues to impact lives and the numerous elementary schools and two secondary schools whose graduates recall and share their stories and wonderful experiences.


We want to keep in touch with our Alumni!  Please fill out the Alumnae Information Form so that we may deliver news and updates to our previous students in a timely manner.


Academy Alumnae-1

On July 23-24, 2016, the Sisters of Benet Hill hosted the Benet Hill Academy All-Class Reunion at Benet Hill Monastery, The reunion focused on the 50th Anniversary of the Class of 1966, as well as honor the classes of 1971, 1976 and 1981.


For more information on events, please call Sister Lucile Hartmann 719-633-0655, Ext. 118 or 719-355-1618. E-Mail: