“The Almighty works marvels for us, holy God’s name, holy God’s name.- Lk.1:49


Seasonal Joys of Community Living

From Winter Review 2018

This turkey was smart enough to visit the monastery in May, but no where to be found during the holidays!

O Antiphons hanging in the Chapel during Advent were created by Sister Ana Cloughly for the seasonal liturgical environment.

This photo was taken during Advent. “Advent Moon”

Sister Mary John treats everyone with fudge on St. Nicholas Day.

Sister Mary John Thomas waits for others to arrive for the sisters’ gift exchange. The candles on each chair were a gift to every sister from the Prioress, Clare Carr.

Sisters have a gift exchange.

Sisters Ana Cloughly and Lucy Hartmann decorate the chapel tree with dried flowers collected all through the year.

LEFT: Sister MT loves to be a character (and she is daily)-she was a great Santa Claus at the Employee Christmas Dinner. Her head is slightly tilted up because her eyebrow was slipping!

Sister Phyllis places baby Jesus in the manager during the Christmas Vigil Service.

Sisters Mary Jane Vigil, Mary Teresa Hicks, Ana Cloughly, Clare Carr and Margaret Meaney begin the Christmas Vigil with their traditional monastic ritual of light.



Our Benedictine History


Benet Hill Monastery was established in Colorado Springs, Colorado as a foundation of Mt. St. Scholastica located in Atchison, Kansas.  Benet Hill is rooted in over 1500 years of the Benedictine Tradition was born in the hearts of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica, “To Seek God in community.”


Benedictine women arriving in Colorado in 1914 have been faithful to the Benedictine motto:  Ora Et Labora, Work and Pray.  The sisters have provided a broad range of educational and spiritual services over the past 100 years to the People of God in Colorado and in other parts of the world.  They served as teachers and administrators in schools from the San Luis Valley to the Mile High City.  They founded and staffed schools in Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Lakewood, Colorado.


In 1963, the sisters founded Benet Hill Academy and for 20 years provided more than 2,000 girls with a college-preparatory academic education.  With the closing of the Academy, in 1982 the sisters, ever faithful to listening to God’s voice with the “Ear of their Hearts”, opened an Adult Faith Formation Center that same year.


Benet Hill Center has continuously offered an educational and formational curriculum that has empowered thousands of Adult Lay Christians to deepen their Baptismal call to Holiness and the spreading of the Gospel.  Heeding the directive of our Vatican II Church and responding to the “Issues of our Day”, Benet Hill has sponsored programs in Sacramental, Scriptural and Liturgical Studies, Contemplative Prayer, Spiritual Direction and Retreats.  Programs are open to all Faith Traditions.


Continuing the Benedictine commitment to Lay Formation, these programs are now offered at the Benet Hill Monastery’s Benedictine Spirituality Center, situated in a rural woodland, contemplative setting located in the northeast area of Colorado Springs.  In order to extend the spirituality programs to individuals located anywhere in the country who are not able to travel, in 2009 Ministry Center staff developed ministry programs to be presented on-line through distance learning technology.