Today's Message

CHARISM: We, the Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery, journeying together, are called to seek God in the daily celebration of life. Recognizing our giftedness, we listen and respond through creative prayer and life-giving service.

Prioress Message

God enters our lives through our brokenness

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the expectations of life, whether at work or at home? Are you worried about local, national and global issues? Do you feel burdened by stories of starvation, war, and inequality?  The list of our world’s woes is long and heavy.  It tells us we don’t live in the fullness of the Kingdom. “This is not heaven.”

I imagine our Lord felt this as he faced his journey to the cross. Richard Rohr says ”It is through failure, tragedy ,and suffering ..that we find the quickest way to God.” That is so true.

I often find myself praying with an image of myself as a beggar on the street waiting for our Lord to pass by. The position is not one of humiliation, but one of awareness that I am powerless over many aspects of life. This doesn’t remove my responsibility to act for myself or others. It just helps me remember that I am not God.

 “The best window to knowledge is through ‘the crack in everything’”, says Leonard Cohen. This quote reminds me of a wonderful story a priest told years ago. He had just started a new hobby making pottery and was preparing some of his best pieces as Christmas gifts. His favorite piece was a chalice. It was perfect in all ways, except for a small crack in the rim. He wanted to give it to his spiritual director, but hesitated.  So as he presented the gift he qualified it with a warning about the crack. His wise spiritual director, however, said it was perfect, for you see only God can come into the cracks of our lives.

May we be open to the ‘beggar’ in each of us, expectant of God’s entrance into the cracks of our lives.

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